St James, Gateshead

Gateshead Regeneration Partnership
Residential masterplan

As part of the Gateshead Framework Panel, Squires Barnett submitted a short-listed competition entry for the redevelopment of a 22.5 acre site close to the centre of Gateshead. The schemes proposes the delivery of over 1200 new residential units over ten years.

We embraced the recognised principles of good practice, which have formed the basis of all of our masterplan projects, while maintaining a special identity within the new development, achieving the desired sense of a ‘family neighbourhood in the city’. This proposal would deliver a sustainable neighbourhood with a range of uses, spaces and opportunities to attract businesses and residents, and creating cohesive connections which will enable the Exemplar Neighbourhood to sit more naturally within its location than its more established neighbours.

Mixed-use interventions are integrated into the masterplan – rather than being provided as an after-thought, making this development a destination for businesses and residents seeking something different in their work and home choices. Good levels of sustainability are achieved from the outset, with designs future-proofed to achieve long-term aspirations of zero carbon development. Open spaces are integrated, creating complimentary play spaces and community facilities, with place-making at the forefront of the design orientation of buildings to ensure the neighbourhood is active, connected and,  above all, appealing to ensure the Exemplar Neighbourhood is sustainable in the long-term.